Letter of Recommendation

To my Law Enforcement partners,

I was honored to meet Allen Fisher and Mark Pyle after the Chief of my department discovered Peacemaker Promotions, and Community Partners Group, at a conference. I reached out to Allen with questions regarding their services and options. Not only did Allen answer all of my questions, he offered to drive over six hours from Tennessee to South Alabama to go over all the information in person. Reluctantly, I agreed, and met with Allen a few days later. I was introduced to all of the books, magazines, and many other items they offer, at no expense to my department. I was impressed with layout and the information that could be disseminated throughout our community and schools. We agreed as a department to utilize their services and Allan told me that Mark Pyle would be reaching out to me within a couple of days. Mark would assist me in all of the items we would choose.

A few days later, Mark called me and set up a date to come visit. Mark arrived on the day we agreed and he was ready to work. Mark was extremely personable, honest, and straight forward. For three days, Mark and I traveled throughout the business community generating support. Mark was very professional and comfortable with people in general. Mark understood the product and was so eager to assist our department in every way. We ordered thousands of magazines and coloring books for school aged kids, these books arrived within the time frame given by Mark. All of the items ordered were organized and arrived at the same time. A few days after the items arrived, I received a call from Mark asking if everything arrived and to our expectations. I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by this company.

I would highly recommend Peacemaker Promotions and Community Partners Group if you are considering their services. They have been with us every step of the way during our entire process, with professionalism and integrity.

Lieutenant Jeremy Kendrick
Dothan Police Department

Professional References

Chief Jimmy McCloud (Retired)
Batesville Police Department
Virtual Academy

Lt. Jeremy Kendrick
Dothan Police Department

Chief Deputy Zach Bay
McNairy County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Stacy Williams
Haralson County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Eric Balentine
Colbert County Sheriff’s Office

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