Monthly Planners

Planners are a very popular alternative to the traditional wall hanging calendars. This product is something the business community, city-county employees, and the general public will use throughout the year and showcases your agency in a positive manner. A traditional calendar has only so much space to display ads and if multiple calendars have to be produced, it becomes quite confusing for the sponsors. With the planner, that problem is solved. We can add as many pages as needed to include all sponsors in one product. We produce and print planners in-house and are not required to pay a third party printer, resulting in a larger rebate for your agency. We also ship each sponsor a copy of the planner along with a letter of thanks from your agency and advise them that additional copies are available free of charge at your department's office. You will also never see our company logo in your planners. It's not about us, it's about you.

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Traditional Calendars

If your agency chooses the traditional wall-hanging calendar, we by all means can do that and produce for you the highest quality calendar available. You will always receive a PDF proof for your approval prior to printing.

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