Aether - Simple Living/No Borders Reducing Consumption Reducing Work Time Reducing Possessions Increase Self Sufficiency Reconsidering Technology Simplifying Diet Simplifying Economics Seculism Corporate Poverty Minimalism Low-Impact Development Car-Free Living Compassionate Living Small House Open-Source Ecology Gift Economy DIY Ethic Dry Toilet

Fire - Peace Movement/Arms Elimination/Gun Control Non Killing Non Violence Draft Evasion Attorney's Anti-War Anti-Nuclear Chemical Weapons Elimination Land Mines Destruction Regulation Of Firearms Small Arms Trade Elimination Gun Laws Assault Weapons Ban Gun Show Elimination

Air - Environmental Issues/Global Warming Pollutions - Air/Soil/Water/Space Debris Overpopulation War Environmental Issues Energy Environmental Issues Hydrology Intensive Farming Land Use Nanotechnology Natural Disasters Nucelar Issues Ocean Managment Climate Change Genetic Engineering Resource Depletion - Consumerism/Fishing/Logging/Mining/Water Depletion Toxicants Waste Management Forest Management Natural Resources Species Management Recreation - Protected Areas

Water - Human Rights/Humanists/Human Aid Human Rights - Civil/Political/Economic/Social/Cultural Children's Rights Consumer Rights Elderly Rights Natives LGBT Rights Women's Rights Men's Rights Prisoners Rights Studets Civil Rights Racial Diversity Freedom From Religions Digital Rights Property Rights Reproductive Rights Self Determination Of People Universal Health Care Elimination Of Torture Refugee camps management Disaster Relief

Earth - Animal Rights/Veganism Animal Consiousness Animal Liberation Chick Culling Animals in Sport Anti-Hunting/Fishing Cosmetic Testing Animal Testing Blood Sports Animal Farming Seal Hunting Fox Hunting Fur Trade Ivory Trade Veganism Vs. Vegetarianism Cruelty To Animals






Each month we will feature companies and organizations dedicated to saving our world. We will break them down into 5 groups. They are listed below.